The Team - a Family

St. Jean is, at heart, a family.

The four children are all now grown and are committed to making St. Jean a special place to stay. Their experience in the restaurant, services and restoration businesses clearly helps with two ingredients central to St. Jean’s philosophy: comfort and service.

Chris: “I’m lucky as I have a close team – or extended family – around me. We hope you’ll get to meet Susi, Jenni, Pelagie, Kathy & Elizabeth, amongst other fantastic professionals hereabouts who prepare wonderful food, massage those aches away, make sure your stay at St. Jean is a comfortable, relaxing but most of all a memorable experience.”

If you have any questions – or any particular thoughts about your stay that you’d like to explore, feel free to call me or drop me a note on: 00-44-75401-42716 or email me at:

As we have tried to emphasise, St. Jean is a retreat – it’s not a hotel, it’s not rose petal scattering luxury – it’s friendly and it’s welcoming and if you’re going to truly relax and retreat from the World’s stresses, then feeling at ease with the team is a good place to start.