We hope that you have already picked up from our website, that we are not a hotel. We don’t pretend to be, we don’t want to be. What we are is a comfortable, magical, special retreat where we hope you and your Group feel at home.

There are a number of facilities available – a swimming pool, tennis court, a massage and wellness room for a massage or reiki, reflexology or acupuncture.

We have a wellness platform – for outside yoga but also for painting classes, for music practice or even just for watching the sun go down. However, the platform is truly at it’s best at night. St. Jean is a wonderful place for star gazing and whilst we have many vantage points throughout the Estate, there’s nothing like taking a pillow and a blanket up to this spot and marvelling at the night sky.

We have history on our doorstep – starting with the house itself and the truly ancient chapel – wonderful for quiet contemplation but once you’re done with that , just take the old footpath to Cordes itself and experience a place hardly changed for centuries.

We have a large studio – multifunctional (for yoga, for dancing, for music) but it does hide a full on western bar and comfortable super fun media room. We have woodland walks, we having running trails, we have lots of garden space to creep off to to read or simply watch the World go by.

We have wifi in most of St Jean – if you really feel you must… So, definitely not a hotel – but not bad for a humble retreat.